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Handling of personal information consent form

The customer's personal information we collect and hold will be protected and handled appropriately, based on the policies as defined below.

【Purposes of Use】

  1. To answer inquiries
  2. For service implementation

【Providing to a third party】

We will never provide our customer's personal information to the third parties without the consent of the customer except as specified by law.

【Outsourcing of handling personal information】

We have outsourced a part of the work in order to provide excellent service to our customers, thus we may disclose your personal information to the outsourcing parties. In this case, we will conduct appropriate management by selecting the outsourcers who are deemed to handle personal information appropriately, proper management of personal information in contract/ confidentiality etc. to determine the conditions necessary for prevention of leakage of customer's information.

【Voluntariness of provision of personal information】

Providing us with your personal information is optional.
However, please note that if your personal information is not provided, we may not be able to provide inquiry reply or service from us.

【Regarding request of personal information disclosure】

You are entitled to request notification, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of contents, suspension or elimination of use of the personal information, suspension of use, and suspension of offer to third parties.
For more details, please contact the following inquiry department.

Personal Information Inquiry Department
Japan PC Service Co., Ltd.
564-0052   President Bldg. 1F, 9-33 Hiroshibacho, Suita-shi, Osaka
TEL 06-6734-7727
Personal information protection administrator

Pre-application checklist

The following fees will be charged when you receive our support.

  • The basic on site assistance fees: 5,000Yen(tax excluded) /per Visit *1
  • Surroundings/ trouble diagnostic fees: 3,000Yen(tax excluded)/per Device

*1 The basic charge for drop off/ ship it back is 3,000Yen (tax excluded).
*You will be charged for the operational fees, when you have received our assistance.